Applications Moduloplate uk

Applications Moduloplate uk


IWA 15 : Track and verification of pipettor performance using colorimetry and gravimetry measurement

  We describe hereby a method verification done on a pipettor equiped with a 96 wells head and Tartrazine dye distribution (the process could also be done with a 384 wells head).

* Gravimetric tests : Enable accuracy verification

Dispense of various volume of Tartrazine Dye solution with ON-LINE weighting of the whole plate before and after dispense with an integrated Moduloplate SCALE. Each volume is made in triplicate.

* Colorimetric tests : Enable precision measurement

Just after the weighting,Tartrazine is mixed with aspiration/dispense and then read on an absorbance reader.


The complete process of 12 measurements is done within less than 30 minuts on a CyBio-FeliX pipettor including absorbance reading of 3 microplates in 384 well Format

Then results are exported in a spreadsheet software or ideally in the DISCNGINE 'Qualification' software to manage the results.

This kind of software make the treatment and overview of the results easy and enable standardisation of processes and calculation over different platforms and laboratories thanks to the Cloud access mode.